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About the Group

Our group is broadly interested in fluid mechanics and mass transport phenomena with a specific focus on problems involving chaos or turbulence. Our goal is to create simple understanding of such problems in order to enable development of predictive models appropriate for system-level engineering analysis and design optimization. We contribute to such understandings at various levels. First, through development of high-fidelity numerical simulations tools, we enable quantitative access to detailed processes that may be difficult to measure experimentally. These simulations provide physical insights by allowing systematic assessment of response to various physical effects while isolating other effects. Second, through theoretical tools, such as the techniques of applied mathematics, we identify and develop reduced-order models that can predict system-level behavior at a substantially lower cost compared to high-fidelity simulations. Specific topics currently being researched in our group include turbulence models for aerodynamic and environmental applications, numerical techniques for two-phase flows, and transport phenomena in electrokinetic and electrochemical systems. Students in our group learn and develop various techniques including: high fidelity simulations; numerical analysis and parallel programing; statistical and scaling analyses; and conception of prototype problems.