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Ph.D. Candidate

Reed Brown


Reed is a fourth-year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated in 2019 from Brown University with an Sc.B. in Mechanical Engineering. At Brown, his undergraduate research involved power measurement experiments on miniature wind turbines. A separate project involved determining properties of composite materials using a combination of experimental measurements and simulation. After graduating, he worked for a year at Raytheon Technologies in Woburn, MA, before joining Stanford in 2020. After rotating, Reed joined the Mani Group in the Spring of 2021 and began computational and analytical research on two-phase flows and moving contact lines. His current project is focused on developing boundary conditions for second-order diffuse interface models that accurately model contact line physics. In his free time, Reed enjoys watching TV, listening to audio books, exercising, cooking, and photography.


Sc.B., Mechanical Engineering, Brown University, 2019


Moving contact lines
Two-phase flows
Diffuse interface




Building 500, Room 501T